For Those New To Duplicate

Here are a few resources that are new to duplicate:

ACBL has some terrific resources for Learning to Play Bridge, including videos, terminology and even interactive software.

This brief Youtube video shows a hand of bridge being played with a commentary and may help with the terminology and mechanics of duplicate bridge. If you do a search of "duplicate bridge" in Youtube, you will find a lot of videos that may (or may not) be useful.

This web page is a wonderful description on the game of Duplicate Bridge.

This web page describes a few of the do's and don'ts when playing.

This PDF File contains some great information for both new and intermediate players.

Karen's Bridge Library is a great place to check when looking for informaton on bidding conventions and other bridge related information.

This is a terrific article on why it is a bad idea to lead away from an Ace against a trump suit contract.

One reminder from one of our club's life masters was that any player (when it is their turn to bid) may ask the opponents the meaning of any of their bids. Also, once the contract has been determined, if you are declaring, you can (SHOULD) ask the defenders what discard systems they use (some do, some don't - but as declarer it is your right to know). In addition to helping you play the current hand, asking these questions will also help you learn and improve your bridge skills.